Dec 24, 2010


I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
and Thank everyone for all the kind comments and the help all thou
the year.I have learned so much from everyone and have made some
very special friends my blog and has opened up a hole new world for me.
I have two of my Christmas cards that I have made this
was for Jean H. and the other was for Peggy B.

    As you can tell I take my pictures outside on one of my husband's trailers I like the weathered                          wood I hope to be able take them inside this next year   
  Wishing everyone good health for the new year doesn't seam possible does  it
am I getting old are what

Dec 4, 2010

Sons Birthday Card

My baby boys Birthday was the 4th and he turned 45 I didn't get him until
he was 12 and I have always called him my baby boy he is so very special
and loving Son
         When I started to put the card into a envelope I noticed that I hadn't colored
his shoes I am glad that I noticed that

                Here he is with his shoes colored